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Media Relations
Social Media


Who we are!


We’re an eclectic group of passionate thinkers, makers and doers who are relentlessly discovering

fresh ways to tell stories and come up with awe inspiring ideas.


We explore. We discover. We concept. We collaborate. We design. We build.
We share. We direct. We produce. We create. We promote.

We deliver—for brands, agencies and people.


Strategy. Writing. Media Relations. Social Media. Production.

Healthcare. Creative. Buzz.


Separately, these are simply marketing elements. But together, blended with precision and sharp strategic planning and execution, these make up irresistible, lasting impressions.



You won’t find marketers more persuasive with words.

The strength behind them sells our ideas, evokes responses and prompts action.
We carefully craft each expression and syllable of everything we write.
Whether it’s an op-ed article, a press release, an ad, a presentation, a brochure
or a tweet,
our words deliver maximum impact while being as insightful as possible.


You have no idea how powerful your message is.
We do.


You have no idea how important your product is.
How vital your service is. How competitive your company is.

Unless you’ve worked with us.

We find the excitement in what you have to offer and make it irresistible.
As we’ve done for products on QVC, the offerings of pharma marketers like Digitas Health
and Conde Nast Health, the great work of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and clients in many industries: Nationwide, Sponge Daddy, Samsung, Fuddruckers, to name a few.


Taking the idea and making it real.


We’re an idea generation machine. Everything starts with a notion that then becomes visible, alluring and must-have for your audience. How does that work?

With a toaster that imprints your logo on each slice.

With a personality built into a product as seemingly simple as a sponge.

With an app that you dare not leave the country without.

And, of course, with our arsenal of marketing and public relations tools, but on steroids: national
campaigns that bring in record response, pitches to top-tier media,
events so magnetic we have to turn people away,
event ideas that sell out product
in minutes, speaking engagements in front of your ideal audiences.


We know how news works.


 We know how to create it, we know how to get it and we know how to deliver it.
But don’t just take our word for it, our extensive portfolio of media wins tells the

whole story. We leverage our strong relationships with journalists, bloggers and other influencers to secure top-tier coverage of a client's cam­paign and brand in mainstream and digital media. Our clients have been featured everywhere from The Wall Street Journal and Forbes to People Magazine and CBS Sunday Morning, and countless niche media for a wide variety of clients in vertical, business and consumer media outlets.

The results come from deliberate, meticulously-planned outreach efforts.

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